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We are going to take you on an unusual trip. The road for this created by colorful and bright stitches of embroidery.

This road had started from a Ukrainian city,  where Halyna found embroidery as an expression for her creative nature.

It was not unusual from generation to generation for women in Ukraine to express their feelings of love, sadness, wishes and dreams in embroidery.

Halyna ’s love and creativity is so strong that her embroidered creations moved all around Europe.  Now you can find her works in private collections in Italy, Austria, France, Portugal, Germany, and Poland.

In the fall of 2003, the road even crossed the ocean and came to the United States of America. Arriving in America revived Halyna’s dream to have her own business.  Now, so far from the family home, the embroidery acquired a new meaning.

Halyna’s Embroidery started in 2008.  The clients were very excited to have embroidered clothing from Halyna which gave her the idea to convert her business to fashion design.

Then the road went in different directions:  the company was invited to participate in private and public fashion shows as well as several completions.  Thus allowing the world to see her rich and unique collections. 

With the creation of her new business,LYNA Couture, Halyna was  concerned about highlighting the unique quality of every woman and her rich internal spirit.  European modern style is skillfully combined with embroidery, applique, and modern cuts. Wearing her clothing, a woman feels comfortable in a  business environment as well as going out for a night on the town.

New clothing is being created in women's fashion, but each time we are returning to apparel that is simple and comfortable. LYNA Couture's creations are the great proof that women are created beautiful and clothing only emphasizes her special features and makes her more elegant and enigmatic.

Halyna is never afraid to experiment, to discover and improve. Increased interest in the company’s accomplishments, happy and satisfied faces of women give the ground for confident movement forward.

LYNA Couture, LLC is a award winning brand.

Do you remember where the road started? Yes, from the colorful thread, that created magic patterns in Halyna’s hands. And our fashion trip is continuing. Are you going with us?

Also we are expending our operations with embroidery manufacturing, embroidery service to businesses, who like to have own uniforms or upgrade their uniforms to modern looks. Please contact us at 408 667 6874,

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